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Review- Christmas Truce – Letters from those who were there


Christmas Truce by the Men Who Took Part
Letters from the 1914 Ceasefire on the Western Front
by Mike Hill

We all know the story of Christmas Day 1914 when Allied and German troops had an unofficial truce and left their trenches to play football on NoMan’sLand. Although this event preceeds the advent of armour in the First World War members may be interested in this new publication from Fonthill Media which explores the story in depth through files and letters from those who actually took part.

Fonthill’s press releases tells us:

• Includes revealing first-person accounts of how the truce unfolded and the amazing interaction between enemies
• An exhaustive work of comprehensive research and study in various files and paperwork
• Beautifully illustrated with many rare and unpublished photographs
• A must-have for military historians, enthusiasts, academics, students, scholars and those interested in the First World War.

The Christmas Truce of 1914 remains a moment of enduring fascination more than a century after the day the First World War guns fell silent. Now for the first time, hundreds of first-person accounts of this most extraordinary period of history have been gathered together telling the story in their own words of the soldiers who met in peace in No Man’s Land. The stories of men from English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh regiments who played and joked, sang and danced, swapped gifts and shared food and drink with the enemy before returning to war on the Western Front. Christmas Truce by the Men Who Took Part: Letters from the 1914 Ceasefire on the Western Front is the largest collection ever drawn together of letters sent home by the officers and soldiers who laid down their guns and shook hands with their foes. The eye-opening accounts of the unofficial armistice between German and British forces capture the trepidation and exhilaration, the curiosity, anger, joy and despair of that first Christmas on the unforgiving battlegrounds of the Great War.
Price: £25.00/$35.00
ISBN: 978-1-78155-812-6


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