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Review: “Combat – South Africa at War Along the Angolan Front”



COMBAT – A review by Paul Middleton

South Africa at war along the Angolan frontier

Al J. Venter & Friends, Helion,

ISBN: 9781911628736, English, hardback, 368pp, 245 x 170mm, 232 B/W photos, 39 colour photos, 4 maps, 23 illustrations, RPP: £35.00.

Making a satisfying ‘thump’ when dropped on the floor, this weighty tome covers many aspects of the conflict that was waged along the borders of South Africa. From an AFV enthusiasts point of view there are excellent sections on the Ratel, Olifant MBT and Eland, with discussion of the battles and service of the vehicles. In addition is in depth coverage of Special Forces including the South African Combat Divers, the Air Force operations, the use of the helicopter, Dakota gunships, Radio eavesdropping (Sigint), and development of atomic weapons in South Africa. As well as the abundant experience of the author, he also draws on a wide circle of friends who narrate their own combat stories. To back up this cornucopia of information is a large number of photographs, with the centre pages in colour, showing the men, machines and terrain involved in the fighting.

For those with an interest in the subject matter, well worth a read.


Review copy kindly supplied by Casemate UK

                                                                                                                                Paul Middleton 30/09/2019


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