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Review – Hungarian Armoured Forces in World War II


Hungarian Armoured Forces in World War II
Peter Mujzer, Photosniper 026, Kagero, ISBN: 978-83-65437-65-5
Paperback, A4 112 pp, RRP: £22.95.

Review copy kindly supplied by and available from Casemate Publications www.casematepublishers.co.uk

This is an excellent book that really delivers ‘bang for the buck’ in that it covers the subject material in great detail with stacks of photographs, backed up by scale drawings of all major types and colour artwork. I found the background detail of the introduction fascinating, all adding to the enjoyment of the book. The Toldi and Turan series, Zrinyi assault howitzer, plus the Nimrod AA tank, and the Csaba armoured car all feature, as well as German supplied equipment and captured material.

Not only are the AFV’s covered, but also uniforms, weapons, ‘B’ vehicles and personalities. With the advent of Hungarian armour kits from Hobby Boss, Bronco & IBG, plus crew figures, this book is essential reading for both the modeller and armchair historian.
Thoroughly recommended and extremely good value.

Paul Middleton 04/02/2018


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