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Review – T-14 ARMATA Main Battle Tank by James Kinnear.


T-14 ARMATA Main Battle Tank. James Kinnear. Canfora 2018. ISBN 978 91 984775 1 1.

The 2015 Victory Parade marking the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2 was expected to be more spectacular than usual with so many veterans of the conflict now in their senior years.  So it proved to be as the new Russian MBT, the T-14 Armata was shown to the public, a revolutionary-looking AFV so unlike any previous Soviet / Russian tank.  A novel feature is the angular turret reminiscent of stealth aircraft and remotely controlled by the crew located within the hull.  Despite its large size, this is a low visibility tank with low radar and heat signatures, and advanced protection systems. Intended as a weapons platform the Armata will be the basis of a family of AFVs. This photo book has many good quality illustrations with general views of the T-14 in the Red Square Parades and rehearsals.  Walk-around detail shots identify the protuberances and built-in features of the turret and hull, many not easily seen within the recesses of the turret in general views.  The T-14 is a high tech 21st Century tank and this first English language publication is a very good start to the narrative as this AFV evolves.  Recommended.  Thanks to Canfora for the sample.                                                                                                                                   John Ham. October 2018.


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