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Review: War Photographer, 1.0 by Tom Cockle


War Photographer, 1.0

Tom Cockle, Peko Publishing Kft.

ISBN: 978-615-5583-19-3 available from

As books go, this one is very unusual.  The author has used a collection of photographs from an unknown German soldier to illustrate his military career from enlistment to the RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst), transfer into the Wehrmacht and on to Stug.Abt.200 for training, and then to serve in Stug.Abt.189 in mid-1941.  The majority of the book illustrates the reality of serving on the Eastern Front, with the crews servicing their vehicles, recovering bogged Stugs, and relaxing as best they could.  There are no photos of ‘fighting’, but plenty to show what it would be like.  The book is full of interesting photos of his life in the unit, until he was moved to officer training in early 1943.

Obviously, this A4 landscape book of 60 pages is a goldmine of information about Stugs (ausf.B to F), with excellent photos on every page, most of them full-page size, but sometimes with two or three to a page.  There are many good illustrations of support vehicles, uniform details, and ideas for dioramas.  The pictures are supported by clear and accurate captions from a respected author and expert on German armour.  Cockle has commented on the significant aspects of each photo, and both modellers and historians will gain much from this collection of pictures.  An unusual book, to be sure, but a fascinating one!

Chris Lloyd Staples


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