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Reviews: Sherman Tank, Vol.1 by David Doyle


Sherman Tank, Vol.1 – Legends of Warfare series
David Doyle – Schiffer Military
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5667-7
This first volume on the iconic Sherman tank is devoted to the M4A1, or in other words, the versions with a cast hull. The other versions of the M4 will be covered in future volumes. The book covers the first Direct-Vision versions, and the early versions where the driver and co-driver had small access hatches. The coverage then moves on to the types with a redesigned, steeper glacis and larger hatches. Finally, the book moves on to the types with the later HVSS suspension. Overlaid with this, we have the transition from the 75mm to the 76mm gun, and the completely different turret that came with this. The final section of the book has a selection of photos of these tanks in combat, showing their appearance when in use. Although the British Army used the M4A1 extensively, all of the ‘in action’ photos show the vehicles in US service.
What makes this book really stand out is the strict use of very high quality sharp photos, whether of museum specimens or of official wartime US Army pictures. Even the combat photos are carefully chosen to illustrate the Sherman’s appearance. Every photo is clear and extremely useful for modellers and researchers, helped along with superb captions which point out important details. For detailing a model, inside and out, this is an excellent resource.

Chris Lloyd-Staples. MAFVA Information Officer


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