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Self-isolation Workshop – Thunder Model’s Tractor



We’ve just had this in from Paul Badman in Germany. It’s his take on the Thunder Model’s US Army Tractor which looks like it’s been in self isolation for quite a while itself. Nice work Paul. O.K. It’s not strictly a military subject any more, but in the circumstances we’ll let you off. Now tell us how you did the cobwebs on the roof.



  1. Hehe, thanks for not putting me on the naughty step (LOL) .
    The cobwebs were made from a cotton swab (the large ones for make-up removal, cheers Mrs. B), this was pulled apart until only a few strands were left. I then cut it up into smaller parts and applied it to the roof with a flat wide brush. Once satisfied, I airbrushed VMS matt coat over them at low pressure to get them more or less fixed in place.

    Stay safe fellas

  2. John Paulding on

    Back in my custom painting days I used to make ‘cobwebbed’ panels on cars by shooting unthinned acrylic over a panel of contrasting colour, then sealing it in with thinned clear. The effect was just like real cobwebs, but not sure how you could do this in the model world. You need a powerful spray gun to shoot unthinned acrylic effectively. It would probably wreck your diorama.

  3. Hi John, I used to be able to get a cobweb from the old Airbrush Revell Gloss. This I could spray through my old Revell suction AB, with the nozzle cover slightly offset to the nozzle itself. The gloss came out then in long strands which could be caught on anything and later transferred to the model. Unfortunately the Airbrush Gloss is no longer available.