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Tankette 53-5 out now!


Tankette 53-5

This issue is available in digital form to MAFVA members only in the Member’s Area of this website.

The penultimate Tankette for 2018 starts with an excellent photo of ‘Fury’ the Sherman from the Brad Pitt film of the same name, whilst on display at Tankfest this year, the show staged by the Tank Museum.

Inside the cover are colour photos of members models including a 1/48th BA-64B, a Syrian Jagdpanzer IV in 1/72nd scale and a WW1 MK V Hermaphrodite.
Page three carries the usual disclaimer, association contact addresses, list of contents, and the editorial where Robin tells of feedback and future articles.

The first article is part two of series by Dick Harley on the use of the International Harvester Company half-tracks in the British Army. This time Dick covers wartime modifications made to the various models of half-track with very useful photos including the interiors, very helpful for model-makers. One of the more complicated changes is the fitting of frames to carry stretchers making the vehicle an armoured ambulance. All excellent stuff with minimal previous coverage.

Noted U.S. modeller (or is it ‘modeler’) Cookie Sewell reviews the recent Tamiya 1/35th scale kit of the M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight” Korean War model. Cookie gives us a thumbnail history of the outbreak of the Korean conflict, and the state of U.S. tank stocks at that time. He then describes the kit in detail, comparing previous offerings from other companies of the same subject. Interestingly the kit includes the now 45 year old Gaz-67 so we will be able to see the progress made over that time in kit manufacturing.

Peter Davenport takes us back to the inter-war period with the British Medium Artillery Tractor Dragon MkIIIC. A page of text describes the history of this vehicle and is followed by the centre-spread 1/35th scale drawings in five views. I wonder if we will see a kit now turn up?

We then have part one of a series by David Fletcher on the Morris Armoured Cars which is well detailed with large supporting photographs. It is articles like these that make Tankette a primary source for the researcher and modeller.

Pages 14 & 15 contain a round up by Robin of recent kit releases, with so many, how can the average kit builder keep up?

The supplier insight article for this issue features Skybirds, a range of 1/72nd scale models that originated in the 1930’s and now available again from Tim Humphries. He himself describes as somewhere between toys and models, but they certainly have a real charm about them.

The case for books brings us reviews of some new publications, a heads up on what to look for.

The last article comes from the pen(s) of father and son Bill & Will Ward where they describe their journey with the Battlebus (Type B bus) to the Somme. Covering the colour rear pages of the magazine their description of events is matched to some wonderfully evocative photos.
Another great issue to keep us ‘thinking tank’.
Paul Middleton 16/10/2018.


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