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Lesany Armour Museum. Part 2. Photos courtesy of Steve Andreano ISFC.
The White, Autocar and Diamond T Halftracks in British Service. By Dick Harley 4-6
Kit Review: Miniart 1/35 Scale Kit No. 37016; T-55A Model 1965 – Interior Kit By Stephen ‘Cookie’ Sewell 7-8
Supplier Insight: PG Models 9
The M6 High Speed Tractor in British Service By Neil Craig, MAFVA Member 7687 10-13
MAFVA AGM 2019 14
On Track 2019 Details 14, MAFVA Website 14
The Case for Books 15-16
1907 Daimler 60PS Tractor Germany By David Fletcher 17
Eric Clarke Collection References Courtesy of Max Hundleby 17-18
Out in the Marketplace 19
MAFVA Members Models 20

REVIEW: TANKETTE 54/1 So here we go with the first Tankette of 2019. The cover photo is of a model this time, a Vietnam War diorama of an M108 SP gun in a firebase setting. Inside the cover we have more colour photos of the Lesany Museum in the Czech Republic sent in by Steve Andreano. These include several rare exhibits like a WW2 German Horch 1a,and a gun-less Hetzer used by partisans at the end of WW2. Once ‘out-of-bounds’ for us, it is probably do-able as a weekend trip from the UK. Page three carries administrative details, contact addresses, a list of contents and Robin’s editorial. In the first article Dick Harley continues his study of U.S. Halftracks in British service, this time the White, Autocar and Diamond T built models. Dick covers the 75mm GMC M3, the Personnel Carrier M3, the MGMC M16, and the SP mounting 57mm T48. We are fortunate to have Dick and other researchers unearthing what has been perhaps the best kept secret of WW2, the British Army. Cookie Sewell then brings us an in depth review of the 1/35th scale Miniart Soviet T-55A kit. Cookie has an entertaining as well as informative style of presentation which makes his work so readable. As always Cookie provides a lot of background information which filled in a few blanks for me, it is a good few years since I taught enemy AFV recognition. Robin continues his series on our cottage industry manufacturers with ‘Supplier Insight’, this time looking at PG models run by MAFVA Chairman Paul Gandy. I had forgotten how long Paul has been producing his tiny ‘N’ gauge vehicles, in fact I have some samples of his original resin models from around 1990. Some years back (or is it decades?) I was intrigued by drawings and information by Dick Harley on the British use of the M6 High Speed Tractor that appeared in Centurion, the Lothians MAFVA newsletter. Dick revamped the information for Tankette 53/1 and Neil Craig was likewise hooked. With support from several MAFVA members and a tie in with Tom Welsh of Milicast, Neil describes how he produced parts for a 1/76th scale master to be cast, making his efforts available to the less skilled amongst us. Following that comes information on the MAFVA AGM on March 24th at Nottingham, and the flyer for the On Track show on February 23rd in Folkestone. We then have ‘Bookcase’ which highlights several recent books with reviews and images of the covers. These insights to the new books allow us a more informed choice on buying if we cannot see the books in the flesh. David Fletcher then discusses the German 1907 Daimler 60PS Tractor. This early gun tractor was a massive vehicle used through WW1, and probably later. With a great supporting photo, this is the first in a new series on tractors. From the Eric Clarke collection we have several excellent photos of Finnish armour, both period images from the Continuation war and museum shots. This is ideal stuff for one of the more obscure conflicts happening at the time of WW2. Robin then presents ‘In the market place’ where he highlights several new kits. I must admit that there are so many kits coming out that I find this ‘heads up’ very useful to keep me aware. Member’s models brings us several photos on the back cover, keeping us up to speed with the work of modellers from around the world. Another excellent issue, well done Robin! Paul Middleton 09/02/2019


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