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Tankette 54-3 now available!


Tankette issue 54-3 is now available to MAFVA members.

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The third issue of Tankette for 2019 is here and is packed with interesting articles. Starting with an excellent cover photo of an Israeli M51 Super Sherman, we then turn to page two with an excellent spread of member’s models. Editor Robin Buckland asked for members to send in material for this feature, and as MAFVA is an association, the membership obliged with a splendid variety of models.
Page three carries the usual list of officers, contents and the editorial.
We then have an extract from a new book by Anthony Tucker-Jones called “D-Day 1944, The Making of Victory”, relevant to the 75th Anniversary of D-Day in which he details ‘Hobo’, Major-General Percy Hobart, who developed and commanded the Funnies of the 79th Armoured Division.
This fittingly followed by a ‘blog’ by Don Allen of his Great Eastern build. The Great Eastern was a self-launching bridge-layer based on a Churchill hull. It relied on a rocket system to throw the bridge over the obstacle, and was only used as a VE-Day entertainment! The well-written description of how he built the 1/35th scale model can be tied to the plan that appeared in Tankette a few years ago should you wish to build your own model.
Peter Davenport brings us his latest piece on the Vickers Dragon Mk IV, with his usual eye for historical detail, and a five-view drawing with a longitudinal section and details. This is becoming the best resource for model-makers who want to complete a collection of the inter-war British designs.
Dick Harley provides the next article which is a ‘warts and all’ review of the Gecko Models Cruiser Tank A10 Mark 1. In this he guides us through the challenges that the kit presents and offers logical solutions. Dick includes relevant drawings of internal layouts which will help those wishing to improve their model. This is the sort of review article I like to see, giving a bit of history and useable information.
We then have a report on the 2019 AGM in Nottingham, information on the MAFVA website. You need to visit the website (www.mafva.org) on a regular basis in order to keep up to speed with new postings.
The ‘Case for Books’ feature gives us reviews of the latest books pertinent to our hobby, allowing members a bit more information on which books to buy. With so many books being released now, this ‘extra’ information is important.
Page 17 then gives use a short piece by David Fletcher on another obscure military vehicle, this time the Allen & Simonds Tractor complete with a photo. Below this is an offer of discount for members who wish to subscribe to Airfix Modelworld magazine and other Key Publications.
On the next page we have more photographs from the Eric Clarke collection supplied by Life Vice-President Max Hundleby. These are of exhibits at the Parola Museum in Finland. This is followed by the tail end of the Great Eastern article.
Finally on the back cover we have ‘In the Market Place’ giving a round-up of the latest releases.
Once again, Robin has put together a good assortment of articles to produce an excellent edition of Tankette. Paul Middleton 1528


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