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Tankette 54-5 now available!


Tankette issue 54-5 is now available to members in the Member’s Area of the website. Click here to go to Member’s Area.

REVIEW by Paul Middleton, MAFVA President:


So we come to the penultimate issue of Tankette for 2019 (already!) and Robin has packed a lot of information into the pages.
The cover photograph is of the Panther tank brought over from Saumur to run in Tankfest this year. It would seem that more and more vintage AFV’s are being restored to running condition for exhibition at shows such as this.
Page two has photographs of member’s models including some great examples of scratch-building, always an inspiration.
On page three is the usual contact information, but please note that the U.S. ‘Office’ is no longer used for subscription payments as Paypal is the preferred method. We must thanks Bill Postman for his decades of work on our behalf. Robin has also included his editorial and the contents list here.
Dick Harley brings us the second part of his series of ‘walk arounds’ based on his 1977 visit to Bovington, when the Tank Museum was a very different place compared with today. The subject AFV this time is the Vickers Light Tank Mark VIB, and Dick gives us plenty of information to support the photos, as well as descriptions of the currently available kits. Of particular importance is the production list showing serials and manufacturer.
There is also a reminder of the MAFVA Models, available only to members, currently a Bedford OXA and OXD.
Supplier Insight this time visits that stalwart of so many model shows, Les Clarke of Kit Krazy. I’ve not yet visited his ‘bricks and mortar’ model shop in Kent, but going by what he displays at shows, I reckon I’d be in there for hours just looking, and would not leave without spending a few quid on kits!
Alan J. Brown supplies the next article which is a synopsis of the nomenclature identifying the tanks of the Israeli Defence Force. Commencing at the birth of the nation of Israel with stolen and scrapyard queens, the list follows the sequence of acquisition with purchased Centurions and their upgrades, captured Soviet AFVs, U.S built tanks, up to more recent times when home-grown armour in the form of the Merkava is detailed. This will be a useful ‘ready reckoner’ for those building Israeli armour.
Page 12 is full of MAFVA business regarding the election of officers. If you want to get more involved in the running of our Association, now is the time to do it. MAFVA is an association of friends with a mutual interest in military vehicles, but it does not run itself, the more members who step up to help the easier the workload.
The next item is a real ground-breaker, in that we are invited to participate in a modelling challenge. Geoff Lacey has given us a drawing of a German WW2 trailer (designed to carry a Feiseler Storch) in 1/76th scale, and participants are tasked with building a model from it. It looks fairly straight-forward, but it will be interesting to see results.
Next we have a kit review and build blog of the 1/35th scale IBG Otter by Alan Brown. Alan points out a few ‘challenges with building the kit, and rather than completing it as per the choice of user units in the instructions, paints it up as an Otter captured from Egyptian forces by the Jewish Irgun Militia.
A Case for Books gives reviews of a selection of recent book releases, including Ospreys, figure painting, and a new look at Operation Sea Lion, the projected German invasion of Britain.
David Fletcher provides a photograph and text on the Crompton’s Experimental Military Hauling Engine of 1903.
Editor Robin Buckland reports on this years’ Tankfest show at the Tank Museum, Bovington, discussing the highlights, and listing some of the exhibits with photographs.
The back page is given over to members’ references, which is photographs of vehicles sent in by the readership.
Yet another excellent read with a wide variety of topics.
Paul Middleton, MAFVA 1528


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