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Tankette 54-6 now available


Tankette issue 54-6 is now available to members in the Member’s Area of the website. Click here to go to Member’s Area.

Review of Tankette 54/6

Starting with an excellent cover photo of an M40 155mm SP gun model seen at the 2019 MAFVA Nationals.

Page two has a page full of members’ models in a variety of scales. This is always a good way to see what our fellow members are up to, and to perhaps find a bit of inspiration.

Page three has the usual list of officers, disclaimer, contents list and editorial from Robin.

We then have part three of Dick Harley’s series based on photographs he took of the Bovington exhibits as they were in 1977. This time he concentrates on the Cruiser Tanks A9 & A10, or ‘The Terrible Twins’ as he calls them. Dick describes each exhibit, notes interesting or unique features, and gives further sources of information. The article closes with two tables listing production contracts, W.D. numbers, manufacturer, and armament. This article, including the photographs makes it a one-stop shop if you are considering making a model from the currently available kits.

Graham Cobb supplies the next article  which details his epic build of the WW1 German gun ‘Big Bertha’ in 1/76th scale. He gives a potted history of the weapon and then describes the construction in what he terms ‘Old fashioned modelling skills’. It took him 43 years to complete; I reckon it was time well spent.

A new name for Tankette is Rob Turner who has submitted a beautiful 1/35th scale drawing of the German Hanomag 4/20 Kubelwagen. This was the fore runner of the Adler and Mercedes-Benz models. Five views should be plenty to assist the model-maker, although I’m not sure where the parts can be sourced, maybe the recent releases by Miniart and others.

The next item is an unusual one in that the Geoff Lacey plan of the British Standard 4 wheel G.S. Trailer in 1/76th scale, with the challenge for members to build a model! I look forward to see how many take up the interest.

Robin then describes some of the recent kit releases with his regular feature, ‘Out in the market place’. This issue includes the new 1/72nd scale plastic kit of the Humber Scout Car from Dan Taylor Model Works and the 1/35th scale French ARL 44 from Amusing Hobby.

We then have a piece on the new Canadian Textron Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) with photos. The TAPV is based on the U.S. M1117.

The ‘Case for Books’ follows with a selection of recent publications of interest to the MAFVA member. As always, if any of these books takes your interest, look around to see if anyone is selling them at discount, there is the occasional amazing offer out there.

David Fletcher continues his studies of the weird, obscure and little-known military vehicles with a look at the Diplock original four wheel drive engine that was built by Taskers of Andover in 1898. Though considered a prototype by Colonel Crompton of the War Office, it was undoubtedly a stepping stone to the development of military vehicles.

Entitled ‘A return visit to Latrun Tank Museum’ , Bernard Goldstein describes his visit to the Israeli armour collection with a veteran. Supported by plenty of photographs this certainly whets the appetite as they have a wide range of vehicles from a variety of sources to be seen.

The back cover sports a photo quiz put together by Jimmy Quinn. As Robin puts it, a bit of fun to round off 2019.

Another excellent issue to keep us happy in our hobby.

                                                                                                                               Paul Middleton 12/12/2019


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