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Tankette issue 55-1 is now available to MAFVA members ONLY.

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Tankette 55/1

Fifty-Five years of MAFVA! Who would have thought it back in 1965? The first issue of Tankette for 2020 has a great image of the iconic T34/85 in action at Tankfest last year.  Page two has the regular collection of photos of member’s models, and quite a mixture including armour and rail guns. Quite the inspiration, and a chance to see how other modellers get on with a kit. It is fine for the ‘glitterati’ to have their models displayed online and in the commercial press, but this is a chance for the more average modeller to display their work.

Page three carries the usual contact addresses, contents list and editorial from Robin

Dick Harley brings us part 4 of his Bovington walk-arounds, which is based on his visit to the Tank Museum back in 1977. This article covers the A11 Infantry Tank Mark I, which Dick describes in detail and provides serials and registrations, plus recommended reading. Robin adds a few photos of both the examples at Bovington.

At the bottom of page 5 is a note on the MAFVA Models available only to members. On page six a reminder about the upcoming MAFVA AGM and information on the new MAFVA branch in Gibraltar.

Dick Harley brings us ‘Bonus items’ for the Bovington Walk-around on the Light Tank Mark VIB. Here he delivers his research on two photographs and describes the service life of ‘Churchill’, not something we see too often. As always further sources are listed.

The ‘Scratchbuild Challenge’ this time is the Type C-2 25ft Wrecking Semi-Trailer used by the U.S.A.A.F. for carrying aircraft or general cargo. Geoff Lacey has provided his 1/76th scale multi-view drawing for us to work from.

Peter Davenport continues his presentation of research on the Dragon series with a piece entitled ‘Seal, Walrus or Titbits? The Mk 1 Dragon tank’.  Here he details how two Dragons ended up in RAF service in Syria, modified into ad-hoc ‘tanks’.  The following centre pages have his 1/35th scale drawings of both types and looks like a potential cross-kitting exercise. That article has certainly added to my knowledge, most interesting.

Then we have Robin’s article ‘Out in the marketplace’ which gives us an overview of some of the new kits expected to be available soon or already available. With new kits being announced on a daily basis it is useful to be reminded on what is out there. This is followed by reminders of the ‘On Track’ Show in Folkestone on February 22nd, and the Chiltern Model Show in Biggleswade on September 13th.

The ‘Case for Books’ highlights a selection of recent book releases reviewed by a variety of members.

David Fletcher then talks of the Hornsby 50HP Wheeled Tractors from 1909, which ran on paraffin and was used by the Army Service Corps.

Taking us back in time, Les Freathy gives us the first in an occasional series called Nostalgic MAFVA. He has a good selection of photos taken of models made by MAFVA members back when resources were limited, and scratch building was the order of the day. We may have many more materials and kits available, but the old skills are still applicable.

Amongst the new kits arriving on the shelves are those based on the B-Type Omnibus. Bill Ward gives us an in depth review of Roden 1/72nd scale kits, the W^D kit for the LGOC Mobile Pigeon Loft, and also comments on the new Miniart 1/35th kit of Type B Omnibus in both civilian and military décor. Plenty of information there. Note that when we get news of new releases we endeavour to post images on the MAFVA website

The inside rear cover has several colour images taken in Fort IX Cerniakow, in Warsaw, Poland.  All Polish subjects, not usually seen outside of Poland. The rear cover is given over to excellent images of a Leopard 2A5 in an urban camouflage scheme. Kindly supplied by Ralph Zwilling, they give enough information to help if you want to have a go at this different scheme.

Yet another excellent issue.                                                                                           Paul Middleton 1528



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