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Tankette 55-5 out now!


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The new Tankette for the autumn has arrived to brighten up our day during the current pandemic, with the printed version boasting extra colour pages.

The cover features a colour photo of a restored M3A1 Half Track seen at a recent War & Peace Show.

Page two takes us to the regular member’s models spot with a selection of photos sent in by modellers from around the world. These include ‘out of the box’, upgraded kits, simple conversions and some not so simple.
The standing list of officers, information and the editorial from Robin fill the next page which leads on to the first article.
Association Chairman Paul Gandy from the South Wales branch of MAFVA has been running PG Models for many years now, but has now decided to close the factory gates in order to give himself a bit more modelling time. Paul gives a brief history of the company, its N gauge products and the closure.

Noted pundit on British camouflage colours Mike Starmer has sent in a detailed article on camouflage nets and their use in the British Army during WW2. Mike gives us a history, quotes from the relevant documents, colours (of course!), and how to model them, very useful to model-makers in any scale.

Our tame photographer Ralph Zwilling the gives us several large format colour photos of the Stryker M1296 Dragoon in U.S. Army service, ideal for those building the recently released AFV Club kit.
David Fletch then presents a photograph of a Valentine tank fitted with a mine rake but no other information. A quandary that needs investigation!

The ‘Case for Books’ brings us reviews of several of the latest offerings from various publishers. It is worth looking at the offers that are posted up on the website to save money on books, especially whilst we are reliant on mail order during the current restrictions with no model shows for our ‘retail therapy’….

Page 15 is all about the upcoming MAFVA elections for some of the committee positions. Members are reminded that we are an association of friends, and that everyone needs to contribute to ensure the continued success of MAFVA. Any established member can stand for election, and it is not particularly onerous.

Regular contributor Dick Harley has supplied a brilliant piece on the Churchill Crocodile in kit form, which looks at the available Tamiya and Airfix renditions, and sorts the wheat from the chaff on the information, which impacts on the accuracy of the available kits. Includes sketches of the undersized Tamiya trailer and stowage diagram images.

‘Out in the Marketplace’ is where Robin collates information on recently released kits which will hopefully excite our desire to build more models.

Finally we have the back cover with more colour images, this time of the T16 carrier as displayed at Swiss Military Museum, alongside many unique AFVs in their collection. Modified for local use in the Tank Hunter role, this carrier has a Raketenrohr missile launcher stowed on board.


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