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Tankette 56-1 out now!


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The first issue of Tankette for 2021 is now out, both as a paper issue and online for the membership. The colour cover photo is of a dramatic diorama featuring an LVTP-5 in a Vietnam by John Paulding our webmaster and publicity officer. With a load of USMC grunts  on top, up to its axles in mud and festooned with sandbags and equipment, it really looks the part. Note the guy top right eating a Hershey bar!
Page 2 features member’s models including impressive small scale rail guns, a rendition of the recent 1/35th RFM T34/85, and a pair of 1/48th scale Tigers. This page not only gives our membership to display their latest creations, but also supplies inspiration to the rest of us, something sadly lacking whilst we cannot have model shows to attend.
Page 3 has the usual admin. details and contact addresses, plus a contents list and editorial from Robin.
Dick Harley provides the first article which is a postscript to his series on the half-track in British Army service. More information has surfaced from around the globe as our fellow members contributed snippets here and there, plus important research in museum archives which help fill in the blanks. The subjects of this research are the M16 Quad .50 A.A. weapon system and the 75mm M3 SP and T48 57mm SP.
The next article continues the story of British post-war light AFV development from Simon Dunstan. The unwieldy title of Lightweight High Mobility Tracked Vehicle Family covers a range of vehicles on a common chassis that eventually led to the CVR(T) family of the Scorpion. The text is supported by several side view drawings of the designs.
We then have a modelling article from MAFVA stalwart Andy Lang where he describes building the peculiar Disston Tank complete with a potted history and photos.
Out in the market Place brings us the latest news in kit releases, and whilst we are not getting to modelling events, there are still plenty of new models for us to build. For further information on new kits check on the website .
The Bookcase has reviews of five recent book releases from the recent flood of publications that have hit the shelves. Most of us have to buy on line, and the reviews help us make an informed choice.
Le Train Scotte is the subject of the feature from David Fletcher which provides a photograph and description of the peculiar French design for a steam driven artillery tractor from 1909. As always, if the membership has any further information, send it in to help build up the picture. Sharing information is the main reason for the Association.
Members are invited to partake in a scratch-building challenge to make a model of the French Unic P107 Half-track using the provided 1/76th scale plan by the late Mick Bell. I’m not sure where we can source the tracks or suspension, but no doubt the more ingenious amongst will work wonders.
The M109A6 Paladin is the subject of a colour photo essay from Ralph Zwilling which adorns the last page and back cover of this issue. Several models are available in various scales, so this will be a good source for the super-detailer.
Another excellent issue to set us up for a new year.

Paul Middleton 2/2/2021


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