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REVIEW Tankette Vol 56/4

Well I’m pleased to report that the MAFVA team are ensuring that Tankette is produced and hitting the mail boxes on time. As I type this review the hard copies are winging their way to members (provided they are up to date with their subs!) and will be available online shortly to the ‘electronic’ members.
Volume 56 No 4 opens with a colour cover photo of a restored Morris Commercial CS8 15cwt 4×2 truck in Royal Navy colours, quite unusual.

By way of a change, page two carries the ‘Supplier Insight’ article, this time on Battlezone Miniatures, which is run by Steve Renwick, a stalwart MAFVA member from Cambridge branch. An avid model-maker and wargamer, Steve takes us through his modelling history, as well as the development of Battlezone Miniatures.

On page three we have the usual contact details, contents list and disclaimer, as well as the editorial from Robin Buckland. Robin take the opportunity to welcome Neil Willis our new Secretary, and also to explain about the Virtual Nationals which recently took place. More of that later.
We then have the first article which is the Rotunda Round-Up Part 3: The 4.5inch QF Field Howitzer by Dick Harley. Here Dick presents photos he took many years ago at the then Royal Artillery Collection at Woolwich in London, and provides a lot of background detail on this particular weapon.
Seeing service in both World Wars and several upgrades with primarily the British Army, but also with numerous foreign armies including Finland who mounted it on captured BT-7 tanks. Also included are numerous reference works and kit sources.

Father and son, Bill & Will Ward bring us more of their encyclopaedic knowledge of buses used in WW1. The subject vehicle this time is the Motor Mobile Pigeon Loft, a very useful vehicle when radio communication was in its infancy and telephone lines easily damaged by shellfire. The humble pigeon was a reliable courier, even if a certain TV series would tell us it was tasty as well….. We are given several wartime photos and plenty of information on building a model.

We then come to the highlight of this issue, which is the Virtual Nationals of 2021. Robin has sorted through the images of the competing models and gives us a great run through the models across four pages. This not only lets members compete, others to admire and be inspired, but also starts dialogue usually which bears fruit for another modeller. This is what MAFVA is about, the sharing of information.
David Fletcher brings us his usual obscure vehicle with a photo of the Broom and Wade Tractor of 1909 which took part in the War Office Tractor Trials.

Page 14 brings us ‘A Case for Books’ with reviews of six recent publications of interest to the tank enthusiast and model-maker.
Cookie Sewell gives us a review of the recent kit by Trumpeter of the Russian Brem -1 Armoured Recovery Vehicle, with a potted history of Soviet ARVs and their use. He then opens the box and gives us a hard-eyed description of the kit, warts and all. As is common with certain manufacturers, the instructions are less than perfect, and Cookie helps smooth the task.

Out in the Market place (Sorry, can’t but help seeing Meerkat there…) is Robin’s regular look at new kits and here he covers various manufacturers and scales, keeping us abreast of what is now available.
Finally we have input from Narayan Sengupta with photos of the T1 Light Tank now residing at Fort Lee in Virginia U.S.A. Certainly a rare AFV so we are lucky to have the images and a lot of text to inform us about it.
Another excellent issue full of inspiration and information.
Paul Middleton MAFVA 1528


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