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As always, the editor (Robin Buckland) has chosen an excellent image for the cover shot of the latest issue of Tankette. This time it is off a model Soviet built KV-1, captured and put into service by the Finns.
Page two has the return of the regular ‘Members’ Models’ page with a variety of exhibits in different scales, including a couple of ancient vacuform conversions built by Mike Hector. Whether they are out of the box builds, conversions or scratch-builds, studying the work of others is usually useful to improve your knowledge, skills or ambitions.
Page three carries the association contact details, the index of articles for this issue and the editorial from Robin.
Dick Harley brings us part four of his Rotunda Round-up where he discusses the 7.2 inch BL Howitzer. This weapon is probably known to the older readers from the Hinchliffe white metal kit that came out in the 1970s, even older readers will remember the Dinky Toy. The history of the gun is given including variations, towing vehicles and service, along with a list of available kits, well supported by the photos Dick took during his visit.
The next article is by Peter Davenport and looks at the Cletrac 20K artillery tractor and Thorneycroft XB 18pdr Portee. Along with a detailed description of the two vehicles Peter provides scale drawings with detail views in 1/35th scale to help those wishing to build a model.
The Marshall Heavy Oil tractor is the obscure vehicle that David Fletcher spotlights this time with a large format photo. There seems to be a lot of these vehicles with little or no information which David is covering with these articles.
Page thirteen covers the details of the forthcoming elections for officer posts within the association.
An important part of the life of MAFVA, as we are an association of friends, not a business, and rely on members chipping in with time and effort to keep the club going.
We then have a look at recent kit releases with ‘In the Market Place’. I cannot keep up with the deluge of kits now arriving on the shelves, so this is a handy head’s up on these new products.
‘The Case for Books’ gives us reviews of five recent publications from several publishers on a variety of subjects.
Page eighteen has a short article based on a photograph that appears in a book about the 1st Polish Armoured Division. It shows a Sherman IIA (M4A1 76mm) that was retrofitted with both the long M4A4 hull stowage bin and a German PzKpfw IV turret bin. It makes for a ‘different’ model from an old kit.
Ralph Zwilling supplies more colour photos for both inside and outside the back cover, this time showing the current Schutzenpanzer Puma in use with the German army. This IFV is replacing the now ‘ancient Marder’ IFV, and is already available in kit form.
Another excellent mix of subjects, of interest to all tank modelling enthusiasts.
Paul Middleton 1528 07/10/2021


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