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Tankette 57/5
The latest issue of Tankette has now been released with an excellent image of an Israeli M51 Sherman at Tankfest 2022.
Page two contains a selection of images for the ‘Member’s Models’ page. This time a selection of ‘different’ models with the model-makers own twist on the build. This is great for inspiration. Page three has the usual administrative information and the editorial from Robin, which is always worth reading. The first article is from Dick Harley, and is the final instalment of his ‘Rotunda Round-up’, this time looking at the massive 32 pounder Anti-Tank Gun. This was the heaviest weapon developed by the British in WW2, although never taken into service, much to the relief of Royal Artillery gunners of the era! As well as his photos taken at the time, Dick includes plenty of historical notes and data. The Woolwich Rotunda was a fascinating place to visit with an amazing collection of weapons, sad that it is currently all in storage awaiting a location to display them.
Andy Lang provides the second article on an obscure Soviet paper-panzer of a one-man parachute tank. Technical drawings illustrate the diminutive AFV along with construction notes for the model.
A very interesting article follows of a selection of photos from pre-WW2 France showing their latest tanks. These are from the archives of the London Times, are excellent images and show a lot of detail. Hopefully we will see more from this source. Robin brings us his round-up of recent kit releases in ‘Out in the Marketplace’, showing us a variety of kits in different scales and materials, as well as decals. Great for keeping up with the plethora of the latest models available to us. In the ‘A case for Books’, we get book reviews for six new books on a variety of military subjects, giving us an insight without having to trawl through bookshops, or buying blind.The Rochet-Schneider artillery tractor is put in the spotlight by David Fletcher. This is an obscure prototype that was demonstrated in 1907 Aldershot Review, but failed to generate any interest. It was the awful terrain of the battlefield some seven years later that boosted interest in tracked artillery support.Sadly, the next item is an obituary for long-standing London branch MAFVA member John Rulton.Cookie Sewell has written the next article, a review of the 1/35th Mini-Art T54 early transmission set.
Cookie knows what he is talking about from a lifetime of studying Soviet AFVs, and he ‘tells it like it is’…..
The next page covers the forthcoming MAFVA officer elections, listing the posts that are up for election, their duties, and how members can vote. This is the opportunity for fresh faces to have their say, or even step up to take on a job, something that is needed so the association does not become stagnant.
Robin Buckland, our esteemed editor brings us his report on the 2022 Tankfest show at Bovington with a great selection of photos and a taste of the atmosphere in his text.
Another excellent magazine Robin!
Paul Middleton MAFVA 1528



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