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Tankette 55/2

So here we are in the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, many of us self-isolating and needing an escape from the worry. What better than the latest issue of Tankette, Volume 55 No 2, which will entertain and enlighten us in these dark days.

The cover carries a photo of a rather tasty Sherman Firefly in winter camouflage that photographer John Woolford spotted at the 2019 MAFVA Nationals.  Inside the cover is a selection of photos of models made by members, with Sherman conversions that utilised the new science of 3D printing, an epic small scale rail gun and a couple of super- detailed kits.

Page three carries the usual contact information, contents list, disclaimer and a neat editorial from Robin Buckland, the current incumbent.

Dick Harley concludes his series looking at photographs he took at The Tank Museum, Bovington, way back in 1977. This fifth instalment looks at TOG II, the behemoth designed as a breakthrough tank that in fact went nowhere. With the benefit of the intervening years of research, Dick is able to educate us on which parts that were missing then, and what has happened since. He also provides a succinct development history of this outdated vehicle, and a bibliography of further reading.

Following this are two association notices, one regarding the increase in subscription costs, the second regarding the necessary cancellation of the MAFVA Nationals Show that was due to take place in June.

On page seven, Robin brings us his ‘In the Marketplace’ feature showcasing some of the recent kit releases. There seems to be more and more kits out there in multiple scales, with manufacturers competing with the same vehicle. So much choice!

In the previous issue, Robin presented a plan of a German WW2 trailer with a challenge for us to build it. Vincent Mifsud accepted the challenge and produced a 3D printed model!  Vincent runs us through his methodology and tweaking to produce a very acceptable model. We are fortunate to also have some excellent WW2 photos of the trailer, kindly supplied by Alan Ranger.

We then have an excellent article from Chris Grove on the Delahaye VLR, which was intended to replace the American WW2 Jeep, but never quite managed it. Along with a potted history and photos of both the exterior and interior, Chris has drawn a 1/76th scale plan of the VLR in six views including two of the chassis.

Another regular feature, ‘Case for Books’, has short reviews of six books that have recently been published.

David Fletcher provides us with another interesting photo from the early days of tracked vehicles, this time the Hornsby Caterpillar No. 1. David supplies what information is available on the type.

Peter Davenport returns to His Majesties Armoured Tank ‘Walrus’ with an update on the information and an improved drawing.  This is one important policy with Tankette, if new or better information becomes available, then we publish it.

For many of us, the modelling year starts with ‘On Track’, which fortuitously took place at the end of February, before the Coronavirus outbreak occurred in the UK. Robin gives us a report on the show with plenty of photos to give a taste of the event held in Folkestone. For many of us this is a social event as much as a model show, and the Friday and Saturday evenings are enlivened by the Mafiosi gatherings.

The back page has a fine selection of photos of U.S. AFVs that were on display at the Yuma Training Area a few years ago. They include an M103, M42 Duster and M107 175mm SP gun.

Another excellent issue.

                                                                                                                     Paul Middleton (1528) 02/04/2020


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