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Tankette issue 55-3 is now available


Tankette issue 55-3 is now available to MAFVA members ONLY.

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Tankette 55/3

And we now have the latest Tankette for 2020 which has an eye-catching diorama of an RMASG (Royal Marine Armoured Support Group) Centaur 95mm landing on D-Day as a cover image. One I have yet to get round to building…..
Page two has a run of member’s models on display running through the gamut of scales. A notable first for my own models to appear in Tankette! This is followed by the admin. Page with contact addresses and an editorial from Robin noting the sad passing of Barry Walby of MMS Models and the challenges of model-making under Lockdown. Many members have been able to take advantage of time spent at home with self-isolation, and others, like myself still at work, but with nowhere to go, still getting more bench hours in.

Dick Harley brings us a new ‘Reality Check’ article, this time focusing on the available kits of the Humber Armoured Car. This is part one which looks at the smaller scales and reminds us of the multi-episode work that appeared in past Tankettes from the hands of Dick and George Moore.
We then have a reminder of the MAFVA Models range available to members only, currently the Bedford OXA and OXD are on offer, mastered by Sean Hooper. Also available from the MAFVA Shop are 3D print files by Vincent Mifsud, for you to use if you have the required technology.
Also noted is the subscription rate increase for paper copies of Tankette, the digital version remains at £16.00 world-wide.

The Dragon Box Girder Bridge is then presented by Peter Davenport with a detailed history of the vehicle and 1/76th scale drawings of the bridge itself plus another drawing of the bridge mounted on the Dragon carrier. This is something I do not recall seeing before and it would be a very different model to build. Then comes more drawings in 1/48th scale, which of course can be scaled up or down on a photocopier.
Out in the Marketplace brings us a few of the recent kit releases and also decal sets and finishing products. There seems to be no let-up in the flood of new kits coming from home and abroad, so plenty to replace your efforts to reduce your stash during Lockdown!

In a similar manner the book reviews which appear in ‘A Case for Books’ will also tempt us to seek out these recently published works on a variety of subjects, thank goodness for internet shopping!

David Fletcher brings us another obscure vehicle in his regular Tankette spot, and I was surprised to find that a Dan Albone then based in Biggleswade, not a stone’s throw from me, had produced his tractor-based armoured medical vehicle. Every day a school day, especially with my failing memory! In fact, quite a lot of military production occurred in this area, perhaps time to scribble an article together?

Many of you will remember the steady stream of articles and scale drawings by renowned draughtsman and Mafva member Mick Bell. Since he passed away, Mick’s son Tom has collated the drawings and made them available to all on a bespoke website, where they can be downloaded. Many have already appeared in Tankette, and more will follow. Truly a great legacy of a great man.

Editor Robin Buckland then gives us a presentation sent in by the volunteers in Switzerland who are restoring their King Tiger. Plenty of descriptive text and a page of colour photos showing both inside and out, before and after the restoration work.

The back cover has colour photos from Ralph Zwilling of the Leopard 1A4 in an urban camouflage scheme reminiscent of the British ‘Berlin’ (or Rubik Cube) scheme.
Another excellent issue with plenty for everyone.
Paul Middleton 1528 – 05/06/2020



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