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The ‘Cats & Dogs’ Model Competition


It’s time for another MAFVA website competition and the theme this time is based on a suggestion from our previous winner Paul Badman – who came up with ‘Big Cats’ and our Chairman who then suggested ‘Cats & Dogs:’ Just build a model based on a vehicle with a cat or dog it its name or some other connection to the theme, send me some pictures and the President and Chairman will choose two winners. One from the small scale category and one large.

So what could this include? The most obvious are Tigers, Panthers and Pumas.

A Puma maybe?


or a Panther?

There’s plenty of scope for an unusual model…

Then there’s Leopards, Dingos, Wolfhounds, Jackals, Bulldogs…

Or a CAT…erpillar.

or even a Bloodhound…

Send your photos to

The entries must arrive by Friday 14th June 2019 at the latest and the President and Chairman will judge them and announce the winners during the MAFVA Nationals on the 16th June.

You don’t have to wait until the deadline. Let’s have photos of your work in progress and the final model as soon as you are ready. We’ll try to feature some of them on the website.


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  1. Many thanks for the privilege of choosing this one.
    Now lets get the zoo rolling!

    Paul B