Thursday, July 2 The MAFVA Shop is now open! Click Membership/Shop in menu below

The MAFVA Shop is OPEN!


Well it’s been a while coming, but thanks to the efforts of our chairman, Paul Gandy, the MAFVA Shop is at last open! The best bit is because MAFVA is a not-for-profit concern the products in the shop are on sale to members AT COST ! What you pay is just enough to cover the cost of the item and post and packing. Check out the MAFVA Shop now by clicking the link.

This is strictly for members only so you’ll need to be able to log in to the MAFVA Member’s Area to access the Shop. Shipping outside the UK is giving us a few problems at the moment (and no doubt Brexit will complicate matters!) but if overseas members would like to send us an e-mail we’ll see what can be done.

We’ve kicked off with some useful accessories: hex bolt heads in various sizes, 1/72nd scale British Army Bastions, plus some MAFVA merchandising and the first offering from our own MAFVA Models range, a Bedford OXA armoured truck in 1/72 scale mastered by South Wales MAFVA member Sean Hooper.



These are just the first products to go into the MAFVA Shop and we’re already working on more, so keep checking the Shop for new products… and if you’re not already a MAFVA member you might do well to consider joining because with discounts like this your annual membership could quickly pay for itself and that’s in addition to all the usual benefits of membership.


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