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The President’s Choice of forthcoming kits – March 2020


No shortage of new kits coming up this month and MiniArt in particular have loads of new offerings. Good to see some new kits from Airfix, although I’m not sure if they have been produced before under another banner.

I’ve also included a resin Mack RD-800 conversion, even though it’s 1/25th scale and not a popular military scale, because this truck was widely used by the IDF and was also used in Vietnam by the US Air Force (the kit is available from: at $US80.00 and you’ll need a donor DM-800 kit).

Speaking of scales I’m sorry to see that there are no small scale models in this month’s batch, but we’ll try to rectify that for the next update.

The model at the end of the gallery is the Rye Field PzKpfw Ausf J + interior. Sorry we didn’t have a box art shot for that.


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