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The President’s review of new kits


Once again our President, Paul Middleton has been scouring thew internet for forthcoming kits which might spark your interest and has come up with this rather mixed bag:


In no particular order…

Miniart 1/35th Soviet Tram X-series







Miniart 1/35th Grant Mk 1 with interior


The next two aren’t armour, but we’ve included them since they are in 1/35th scale and are ideal for inclusion in a diorama.

Miniart Avro 671 Rota






Miniart Focke Wulf TreibFlugel Nachtjager




Tamiya 1/35th rebox of ICM Panhard P204(f) Rail car




ICM 1/35th Moskvitch-401-420A Soviet Passenger Car





ICM WWII german MG 08 MG Team





ICM Kfz.1 Soft top german Light Personnel car





      Dragon 1/35th Panther with FlaKvierling

Dragon 1/35th Panther with FlaKvierling





Legend 1/35th  Barrett M107 sniper rifle, whole series of variants.





AFV Club 1/35th IDF M113 Nag’mash 1973





AFV Club 1/35th M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage





AFV Club 1/35th Hawk Missile JGSDF version





As usual, these are kits due for release in the near future but not on sale yet, so no prices as yet. Watch the dealers’ websites for release details and prices.


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