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The President’s round up of new kits


MAFVA president, Paul Middleton, has just sent me his latest round up of forthcoming kits and by coincidence there is another wasp flamethrower kit, although this one differs from the one posted yesterday in that it is based on a Universal Carrier and not a Jeep. This vehicle was used by the Canadians as indicated by the ‘c’ in it’s Wasp MkIIC notation.


Also new is a M108 kit from AFV Club, which is somewhat surprising as there is already a M108 available from Italari and both kits contain the same markings for one of the US Army vehicles loaned to the Australian Army in Vietnam and featured in the book More Bang for No Bucks. It will be interesting to compare the two kits when the AFV Club version goes on sale although, personally I would have preferred to see a new kit of the short barrelled M109 as the Italari/Revell kit is now becoming hard to find.

Finally in this round up is an add-on kit from Meng of sand bag ‘armour’ to protect a 1/35th scale Sherman. Unusually for Meng this is a resin kit, not plastic.












As usual these are pre-release notifications so no prices or dates of release as yet.


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