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Instructions for training, tactics & in-theatre operations.
Edited by R. Sheppard, Pool of London, Casemate Publishers, ISBN 978-1-910860-16-8,
Hardback, 144pp, RRP £8.99.
At first this pocket-sized book looks fairly innocuous, but I was pleasantly surprised by the content and the way that a veritable mountain of information is presented.  Wholesale chapters of official training documents are presented which are put into context with personal reports to illustrate the difference between theory and reality.  (Been there, got the T-shirt!)
The editor draws on manuals from Great Britain, Germany, U.S.A. and the Soviet Union and then adds relevant reports on the experiences that crews experienced in different theatres. My favourite pieces are from the Burma campaign and the Northants Yeomanry in Normandy.
Numerous sketches and diagrams support each section to illustrate the subject matter. A fascinating read that I will no doubt refer back to time over time. Highly recommended.
Review copy kindly supplied by Casemate Publishers www.casematepublishers.co.uk
Paul Middleton 02-07-2016


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