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Update parts for the Copper State Models Lanchester Armoured Car


Most modellers with even a passing interest in WW1 armour will have been aware that Copper State Models released a Lanchester Armoured Car in 1/35th scale, and this kit is really superb. There are a few very minor errors, but essentially the kit is excellent built straight from the box, with a very good representation of the wire wheels and so on. Parts are provided for a British vehicle or a Belgian vehicle (with the extra box on the left side of the hull.
To further improve the kit, the following detail sets have been released:
A35-001 Photo-etch set: This provides new mudguards, panels for the rear deck, and other useful additions for improved detail. The long mudflaps fitted to Belgian vehicles are provided, as well as the British mudflaps and the armour plates fitted to the sides of the machine gun on a few Russian vehicles. As with all things, research is essential as different vehicles had different fittings. Sadly, I have already seen models of ‘British’ vehicles mounting Belgian or Russian details…….
A35-002 Wire wheels: This is a large set, replacing the excellent plastic spoked wheels in the kit with finer etched brass spokes. This is a beautiful set, adding the sense of fragility that the real wheels seem to show. This set has a couple of production difficulties, and I’m still waiting for a correction set. The main issue that I have is the arrangement of spokes in the paired rear wheels, which seem to imply that the rear wheels are built as a unit, while in real life they are two separate wheels, bolted together.
A35-003 Chains for rear wheels: This set contains the chains to go around the rear wheels, giving traction in snow and mud. The set is very well made, but as always it is difficult to represent 3D chain in etched brass. The set can be applied over the kit wheels or over the replacement wire wheels, and is equally useful on any existing Rolls Royce armoured car kit as well.
A35-004 Painting Masks for Belgian cars: This set includes full masks, laser-cut in adhesive foil, for painting the striking pattern of camouflage on the Lanchesters serving with the Belgian Army. These cars typically had the extra stowage box and long mudflaps. The beautiful masks take a little while to sort out, but are designed to cover the whole vehicle. Gaps between the masks allow the modeller to spray the vehicle and achieve the black outlines around each area of colour.
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Chris Lloyd Staples


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