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Verlinden and Warriors Resin Figures to make a come-back?


For many of us Verlinden Productions set a new bench-mark for military figures when they originally appeared. They were vastly superior and more animated than the plastic figures that traditionally came with your military vehicle kits. Unfortunately they came in for some criticism in later years, particularly for their somewhat inconsistent scale. Mr Verlinden moved to the USA and Warrior figures came onto the scene. Then it all ended. Both ranges stopped producing and rumours that the moulds had been destroyed abounded.

This morning our president Paul alerted me to a forum thread saying that only the rubber moulds had been discarded; the original masters remained and had been legally purchased by Greg Coooper from The Scale Model Graveyard in Denison, Texas. Furthermore, both lines are currently in the process of getting back into slow production and distribution. It seems will take some time to sort out the entire artic-trailer full of masters and stock that was purchased.

MAFVA hasn’t been able to confirm this independently, but it certainly sounds like good news. If you want to follow the story as it unfolds you can do so here.

I’m just wondering what happened to all the photo-etch that Verlinden Productions also produced. I could do with some more 1/35th PSP Plating!


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