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Virtual Shop Window – Mid May


With local model shops still shut, here’s the latest on what we’ve found on the internet so that you can plan your next mail-order purchase.


Since this is a military vehicle society I don’t usually lead with a figure kit, but the French Civilians 30-40s kit from Mini Art is so charming and stereotypically French that I couldn’t resist it. All you need is a string of onions. Interesting to see that Mini Art include resin heads in this kit. A great step forward. No more having to carve off the mould part-line around rather flat ears.


To accompany this kit Mini Art have also released a French Garage which would make a colourful addition to a diorama. There are also several off-beat armour models coming from MiniArt. Check out the gallery below, plus there are quite a few announcements from IBG in both 1/35th and small scale.

Although these kits are listed as ‘available soon’, deliveries both to the traders and then to you might be affected but the current situation. Guess we’ll have to accept it and work from the stash!


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