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‘What ifs’ from Amusing Hobbies


Our President Paul has just sent me some ‘coming soon’ notices from Amusing Hobbies and they all seem to relate to projects that never actually came to fruition. First off there a variation on the Panther II showing the turret that was proposed by Rheinmetall.







Sticking with the Panther II theme there’s a Rheintochter R-1 missile on a Panther II mobile launcher. The Rheintochter R-1 missile was actually made and test fired but discontinued a couple of mothes before the war’s end. It was unusual in that the sustainer motor was located ahead of the warhead and exhausted through six venturis between the first stage fins.










Finally a British ‘what if’ for a change. The FV217 Badger was a proposed heavy self-propelled tank-destroyer, based on the Conqueror chassis. It never made it past the drawing board.

All these kits are in 1/35th scale. Watch dealer websites for prices and stocks.


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