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A visual reference guide, by Keith Ward.
Helion & Company, paperback, 160pp, A4, RRP £25.00,

This useful book employs a novel approach to presenting information about the Soviet weapon systems of the Second World War using computer generated 3D graphic images. The full range of military equipment is covered in some detail from small arms to tanks, with all major types included.
For example, the first item is the Nagant 7.62mm revolver where the colour artwork shows the weapon assembled, partially dis-assembled, the ammunition and packaging plus a few notes on weight and dimensions. Mines, mortars, grenade launchers, flamethrowers, rifles, machine guns, recoilless rifles, artillery and armoured vehicles all receive the same treatment. Some obscure items are also covered such as aerosans, pontoon bridges and the last section is on Soviet equipment captured and used by the Germans.  Being in colour, the images give a good representation of what the vehicle would have looked like, complete with ‘weathering’ and the all-pervading Russian mud.
I would have preferred to see at least one photograph with each item, but the artwork will suffice to help the model-maker.  Some of the drawings of vehicles look a little odd, but do not affect the delivery of the information.  There are just too many interesting items included for those with an interest in Soviet equipment.
From the wealth of information this book includes this book is worth getting, despite my reservations.                                                                                                         Paul Middleton 18/01/2017


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